Sunday, February 7, 2016

Praying for Prince Provo

It has been said that people in Provo are different. They get married fast, and they are always having game nights, and every night is date night. It is also said that Provo is a meat market and girls are crazy and they are always bailing on guys. There is a whole instagram page specifically documenting this issue. I have also heard that I need to be extra careful of what I say and do in Provo because people will either be deeply offended or judge immediately. SO MANY THINGS ARE SAID. People that live here love it. People that don't can't seem to stop yapping about it.

When I was a little girl I watched most of my examples and heroes grow up and move to Provo. Being young and impressionable I thought that was the thing to do. Much like a fairy tale, I always knew deep down that a lot of "happily ever afters" happened after moving to the mysterious and wonderful Provo. You would go through life and eventually apply to BYU and be accepted into the school of possibility and career giving, and then stumble all romantically into Prince Provo and fall madly in love and pick a temple that wasn't in Provo, and get hitched. (Obviously I didn't go to BYU, because that was a run on sentence if I ever saw one). What a pretty dream that was.

Due to some changes made with the help of the true Author of our lives, I chose hair school as an alternative to the dream. In the worlds eye hair school isn't a terrible career, but it is definitely very different from BYU. Though the dream to move to Provo was something in the back of my mind, getting away from some influences was best for me. I moved to Cedar City. Cedar City was a fantastic place and though didn't have my prince charming character, it did have some potentials that taught me a lot of things about adulthood and what Prince Charming should be like.

3 years later and many battles later, here I am finally fulfilling the first step of my supposed happily ever after. The story is still going. Provo is definitely different and I am not always proud of the things that go on here, but it is home. People do seem to get married fast, but it seems to me like that just means that there are a lot of beautiful and fantastic girls here and Guys might be getting smart and snatching them up. I do miss the ability that people in Cedar city had to be "just friends" with people of the opposite sex. But there is a time and a place, and dating is definitely something that should be more important than just being friends. There are surprisingly a lot of groups of guys just hanging out that does bring up some questions.... But hey! With guys as good looking as these, and girls growing on trees, I guess having a break every once in a while would be a nice thing.

Anyway, I enjoy it here. I've learned a lot. Maybe one day I might even get over my fear a little bit and stop running from these boys, and catch myself a good Prince charming and have my own happily ever after. Hopefully there will even be a nice song and dancing. Ooh and if there was cake and it was GOOD cake, I wouldn't mind at all. xoxo Tia


  1. I love it when you decide to write! You are very good at it.

  2. I am a zillion years late to the party, but I agree with Mom! You are an excellent writer. I can't wait for you to write the novel of your romance after you get is going to be epic!