Thursday, March 5, 2015

I was thinking the other day that it had been quite some time since I had posted. I have been racking my brain for a date memory that was humorous to me, but I'm afraid that either dating hasn't seemed humorous lately, or my mind is prematurely aging. Instead I guess I'll share my re-occurring dream.

It always starts out at this very dark indoor pool. I walk through these doors and see people that I know (never anybody in particular) mingled with strangers mostly just standing in this pool. To the left there is a giant blue stained glass window covering the wall. I start walking to the right and pass what looks like the entrance to a subway (the transportation kind, not the food). Then suddenly I'm passing what appears to be a desk of any regular enclosed bowling desks with racks of hundreds of bowling shoes, except instead of shoes, it's luggage.

After this a random group of people that I don't actually know, comes running up to me and saying that we have our tickets and our flight leaves in an hour. I don't recognize the people, but I do have the strong feeling of familiarity toward them and am excited to go on our trip. At this point I realize that I don't have anything packed. I start running around like mad trying to find an exit, only then to realize that I didn't drive. I sprint home and the rest of the dream is spent with me stressing over what to pack. It never ends. I always wake up and have the desire to go back to sleep to figure out if I ever make it back to the weird place with the swimming pool to board the plane.

I used to jokingly refer to myself as a dream interpreter. When I was in hair school one of the girls would bring a dream book that she was borrowing from her Indian friend. It was very interesting to see what our dreams were saying about us according to the book. Though for the most part I don't believe that every time anybody dreams about being a flee caught in a spider trap it means one specific thing, I do believe that dreams can tell us things. Prophets used to receive revelation in dreams. I believe that our subconscious does incredible things and can express itself in the strangest ways through our dreams.

Now the question is, what does this strange dream mean? I of course, looked it up in the dream dictionary. According to the dream dictionary a pool means that I need to take a break and acknowledge and understand my feelings. Seeing stained glass indicates that I am seeking a higher source, blue, indicates truth, wisdom, and heaven among other things. The desk I see that isn't mine, indicates that apparently I am feeling a lack of confidence in my own abilities. The large amount of luggage seen, represents the many desires, worries, and responsibilities that may be weighing me down. Lastly, the feeling of being unprepared is just symbolic of exactly that, experiencing fear and anxiety over an upcoming maybe life altering change, that is happening in real life. As well as being afraid that I won't meet others expectations.

Wow!!! Isn't that just a load of information right there! I definitely can relate to all of these things. It definitely gets a person to think for sure. Maybe these dream books are really just like personality tests and horoscopes. Written so vague that anybody can relate and make a connection. Obviously we care or we wouldn't continue to read them.

What an interesting thing. What do your dreams mean??

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