Saturday, April 21, 2012

An adventure I will probably always remember..

So I went to this Institute things with my roomates and a few friends after doing their hair and such, and I was really excited, who doesn't like to meet new people and eat free food? Anyway, I'm a pretty friendly person and so when I was gettilng Trisa some water, I let this boy that was waiting for EVER go first.  We started talking a little bit and he introduced himself and then he asked me and our mutual friend Kally if we wanted to learn how to drive his moped. Me, thinking that SHE was going to learn was all down for a little adventure with some entertainment. Anyway he had Kally go first and she went up the hill and around the corner and then turned around and came back like a pro. (oh by the way she was driving by herself). Then he was like "Tia! your turn!" and I said oh..... i'm a little scared, but I jumped right on anyway, and I said wow I feel really little riding this, because mopeds are HUGE all of the sudden.  Anyway I drive it up the hill like I have been doing it my entire life and then I think oh great! I havet to turn around, so I slow down and find a place wide enough and I guess I was going to fast still and mopeds don't turn very sharply and it was way to heavy for me to turn without power, and so CRASH!!!  There I went.  On the road. All by myself. Driving a moped...... Wow talk about EMBARASSING!!!
A screw had come out of somewhere and it was scratched up a little and a nice man came from his yard and an older man pulled over to see if I was okay.  Luckily besides the large scrape on my left knee and ankle that was dripping some blood, and a few bruises, I was fine.  So I figured out how to start the thing, almost falling over with it again due to its largeness, and went back with the screw safely between my teeth and my sunglasses on my face.
I went down and slowed down and I said "Can I tell you guys a secret?" and of course they said yeah and I said "I kind of crashed it..."  They didn't believe me at first but then I showed them my bleeding leg and my new man friend gave me a huge hug after taking the bike from me and putting the stand up so I wouldn't die again haha.  Then he drove us back to the church kind of in silence.... he felt REALLY bad... then I got off and Kally got off and he said "Tia get on we are going to my house to get some bandages for you." So I did and he drove me all the way to his house which was really nice and we had nice conversation on the way over.  Then I got off and he asked if there was any pain in my leg.  I said a litle (obviously if it was dripping blood and bruised it was going to be a little painful).  He had me go first, no doubt trying to see if I was limping so I tried my best to walk normal.  When we went inside he cleaned my knee for me and then gave me a tour of his house, and then we rode back.  He asked me if I would ever drive a moped again and I said yes!! It was fun before and after the crash.  He drove me to the church where all of my friends were sitting and waiting for me all worried.  We examined the bike and found new scrapes there that weren't there before, wow THAT made me feel bad.  Then he got my number and said that we would have to hang out sometime to make up for it!
How fun! Now after a painful "sleep" and alot of hours I can't hold my leg straight and it throbs all of the time.  But still that was a fun time :) :) I hope that I can drive home today with a manual car......... Oh don't you just love college life!!! :)

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  1. I had to read what you wrote even though I heard the story in person. I should be hearing that you are back safely any minute now. I hope the Dr. can help somehow.