Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THe life of a college girl :)

Well I moved out and boy has it been just one adventure after another!!! I am so happy to have Trisa here so that I know somebody, but even without her there alot I have made a lot of friends.  I went to a game night and had a blast and a dance recital and church and a soccer game and rode on a motorcycle with my new friend Ryan.  Wow I've just really had a great time! I also came to the conclusion that I make friends REALLY fast, because one of my new friends Sky left to Bryce canyon to work for the summer and I miss him alot along with everybody else that has known him for alot longer than 3 days.
  Soon I will find a job and I will work and feel a little bit productive. Anyway I am really happy to have been lucky to have made such good friends right off! yay me!

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  1. I'm glad you told me about your blog. I'll put it on my blog roll and I bet some aunts will read it too. I'm glad you are making friends.