Thursday, May 23, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Nerdy/Manly Uncle Married to a Woman That Doesn't Enjoy Chick-flicks Turns Out to be a Romance Novel Writer.

All growing up I had a special fondness for the man who was the father of one of my favorite cousins that is closest to me in age. Not only is he an extremely talented man who can play the guitar like very few that I know, but he can fix computers and he is similar to my own father in ways of humor and the like.  He participates in a lot of nerdy talk with some of my other Uncles and older cousins, mostly about Star Wars and probably World of Warcraft.  He is into things like Science fiction and war and any kind of battle. Never in a million years had I expected him to sit down and write a Romance Novel.
I went home last week and was presented with a book by a man named Alan Cannon called  "Reality Show: The Lady and the Lords". The book is about a reality show not unlike the Bachelor.  The show has a main "Lady" and her two "Lady-in-Waiting" and she is on this show to find true love with one of the 9 male contestants.  The story was mostly from the perspective of one of the contestants Seth, who is an Idaho boy just on the show to get enough money to pay for his mission, he doesn't really care to win.  The other perspective is from Lady Laureaux who is the one trying to find love.
Once I got past reading everything in the voice of my Uncle (Who definitely wrote this book) and was able to try and not think that all of these characters were just really him in a different form... I really like it!!! :)  There was the perfect amount of drama and intrigue to keep the pages turning, as well as having a lot of different characters and personalities that helped me and hopefully all those reading, to remember that we should always be kind first and give people chances.
Overall I was really impressed with this book.  Being a girl that has read my fair share of LDS romance Novels and watched and own several chick-flicks, I say Props to you Brian!! That was very well written and  there is a lot of talent seeping through the pages.  Though I am not a huge fan of Science Fiction, I would gladly stand in line at midnight at a bookstore to read the next Novel written by Alan Cannon or Brian.

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