Monday, November 3, 2014


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having two days off in a row from work. Normally this is a very exciting thing. Having two days off in general is a privilege, but in a row, is great!..... to most people. However, I don't go to school, and a good majority of my friends here do. Which means two whole days for me to be by myself, doing practically nothing. In days like these I often feel like the Grinch (Jim Carrey version), sitting in a cave, checking off all of the appointments that he made with himself. It's all rather tragic really! Instead of dooming my self to that fate, I decided to go home. I needed to take care of some business in Payson, and it seemed like a much brighter option. I packed my bags and in a few short hours I was home and spending time with the family. The boys were at school and Dad was at work so I went with my Mom to get her hair done at her good friend Dixie's house. We all enjoy Dixie, and I especially like her because she has the ability of making you feel like a long lost friend. As we were talking, the topic of my dating career came up. I shared several stories and we all laughed at the horrors of my experiences. It's funny to see how something as simple as my dating experience could make people laugh. Here's the kicker though. Dixie then said, "Tia, you know you really should write a book about your dating life. You have some really great stories!" I laughed and agreed, knowing that it never would happen really. A few weeks later I was talking to my best friend Joey and I was telling him about Dixie's idea. Instead of laughing like I though the would, he told me about these memoirs that he has been reading. People write blogs about anything and everything. Food, travel, their own lives, and eventually some use this information and write a memoir and share it with the world! He helped me understand that blogging really is the way of the future, and memoirs are actually super great. People are always on the internet or the book store or on their phones looking up something that will make their day a little brighter. I then decided, why not? I have some awesome stories! Why not share them with people. People love to laugh, but I have always believed that the most important person to make laugh is yourself. So whether or not these stories are actually funny to people, they will probably have me chuckling with the memory of them. To me that is success. Well.............................................. Buckle up! ;) <3, Tia

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